How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee: Step by Step Tutorial

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What You’ll Need

To make Vietnamese iced coffee, you need two things:

Vietnamese coffee Vietnamese press-style iced coffee filter

Vietnamese coffee is basically drip coffee that has been infused with sweetened condensed milk. Between a quarter and a half-ounce of sweetened condensed milk is usually added to a typical cup of coffee.

The second, a Vietnamese coffee filter, is an innovative apparatus for making iced coffee. It uses a standard filter and sits on top of any standard glass or cup. It quickly delivers the sweetened condensed milk to your coffee when it is pulled through the filter with a glass or cup underneath.

With both items in hand, you’re ready to start concocting Vietnamese iced coffee.


  • Long coffees “ Vietnamese coffee (or “Cafe SuDa” — it’s the authentic coffee used in Vietnam)
  • Sweetened condensed milk (you can find the local version at Asian and Vietnamese supermarkets)
  • Vietnamese coffee stirrer
  • Fine-mesh strainer/filter or coffee filter
  • Jigger (if you don’t have one, a measuring cup will also do)
  • Glass with a wide surface area
  • High-speed, high-power blender
  • Milk frother (you can make your own)
  • Spoon or ladle

Step by Step Guide: Learn How to Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Pour Condensed Milk to Glass

You have to control pouring the condensed milk to suitable level. The condensed milk should be a bit too much to drink. You have to use the tip of the spoon to partly raise the condensed milk layers. If it’s bad, the whole condensed milk will flow out from the glass.

Add Ground Coffee to the Press Pot (Vietnamese Coffee Filter)

Before you begin your Vietnamese iced coffee making process, it is important to have the right equipment. You will need a press pot and a special filter that the coffee will rest on. To get started, you will need a 20 oz. press pot. Fill the coffee carafe with water and boil it to get it hot while you need the grounds.

Next, pour the hot water into the grain filter to get the brewing started. Place the press pot on top of the brew filter by adding the plunger into the empty coffee pot. Afterward, you should ensure that the grain filter is put in the opening of the coffee plunger. Then, pour the coffee grounds into the grain filter a bit at a time and make sure that you shake the filter well in order to distribute the coffee.

Before you continue to brew your coffee through the press pot with the plunger, make sure that you place a gasket inside the press pot. This should be placed on the bottom part of the coffee pots. However, if you don’t possess a gasket, you can use a polyurethane O-ring.

Place the Pot on the Top of Your Glass and Add Hot Water

After you clean your glass, and remove the ice, Arrange the glass’s rim on top of your coffee pot. Add hot water, and then pour out the water. Why do this, you ask?

If you’re already like me and know the answer, then go ahead and pour that hot water down the drain. If you don’t, then I’ll fill you in.

The reason for this is simple: the temperature of the water directly affects the temperature of the coffee. The hotter the water, the hotter the coffee. The colder the water, the colder the coffee.

If you are using cold water, the coffee won’t cool down as quickly as you’d like. On the other hand, using hot water so that the coffee is already warm will make it drinkable faster.

Wait – you’re almost there

We promise.

Vietnamese iced coffee is both stunning to look at and stunningly addictive to drink. At first glance, it’s a simple iced coffee recipe with just a hint of sweetness in the form of condensed milk. Take a sip and you’ll get a coffee so smooth, sweet, and intense, you won’t believe that it came from a drip coffee maker.

Stop! Before you let yourself be tempted by the idea of making a batch of Vietnamese iced coffee, it’s important to take a quick look at how to make Vietnamese coffee.

Once you’ve broken the seal on that can of sweetened condensed milk (a mini can will go a long way!), it’s all too easy to give in and pour that yummy, white magic over everything from ice cream to cupcakes. The result is a dish so sweet and sticky, you’ll swear it had to have been made in a candy factory, not a kitchen.

It’s coffee time!

Vietnamese iced coffee is one of the drinks that have been introduced, by Vietnam, to the world. It boasts a rich, robust taste that is often compared to chocolate. If you love coffee, you’d surely love to try out this drink.

Before you make the coffee, it’s important that you note what you need. You can make Vietnamese iced coffee with espresso, but the strength of coffee often gives it a bitter taste. Because of this, most Vietnamese coffee experts recommend using a medium roast to get the perfect taste. The best part is that it’s easier to make than the regular coffee.

You can learn two ways to make Vietnamese coffee: using a moka pot or an espresso machine. But for the detailed process, let’s describe it using the moka pot.

The first step is to put some water into the bottle and do a quick rinse. Doing so will ensure that there is a smooth taste and that there’s no coffee residue on the bottle.

Then, fill the bottle with water up to the halfway mark. The next step is to make the coffee. You can do this by pushing the pod into the filter. If you’re using a pod with a bigger hole (like the Chemex), you might want to use a finer grind than usual.

Serve with Ice

Vietnamese iced coffee is rich, mild, and creamy. Because the brewing process does not involve any coffee filter such as a paper made, there will be sediment and oils at the bottom of the cup. If you want to avoid having this greasy mouthfeel, you can heat the coffee. The benefits of this process include having:

  • smoother mouthfeel
  • more robust flavor

But be careful when you heat the coffee beans. If the beans are roasted well, then their flavors are locked in place; thus heating them can ruin the coffee flavor.